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Anonymous asked: From all things I've learned about them, I adore pit bulls! They just seem like the best! But I live in England,UK and they are banned. Even pit bull "types" are euthanised due to being illegal. I hope I'll live long enough for it to end!

That’s such a bummer. :(  California isn’t the greatest place to be with a pit bull either. They aren’t banned, but they sure are trying.  Hopefully one day we won’t have to worry about our babies lives like this.  

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Anonymous asked: What are the names of all the pit bulls you have ever owned?

The first pit bull, which I still have, her name is Chance. Then I had a pit dalmatian mix named, Domino. Then a pit shepherd mix, Trinity. The 8 pups Chance had were named, Sateele, CJ, Kona, Thor, Flash, Nessa(who didn’t make it), Cass, and Babe.